Our Educational solutions were designed
with diverse needs children in mind, and
revolves around nurturing and honing
useful and practical skills that would
positively impact the lives of both the
children and their caregivers.

How it all started!

A Global Educational Crisis

In 2020, amid the COVID-19 global pandemic, with schools
closed worldwide, parent found themselves shouldering
the duel responsibility of working from home and
educating their little ones.

A Underserved Group

While parents with normal function children could go online
to search for readily available learning materials, for
parents of children with diverse needs, the struggle was far
more profound. Their quest for interactive and engaging
resources to support their children's learning became an
arduous journey.

Solving the problem

Recognizing this pressing need, Tiggie Kids was born — a
platform designed not just for education, but also for
developing applicable real-life skills, and as a source of joy
and inclusivity for children with diverse abilities.

Meet Team Tiggie!

The people working tirelessly to continue developing the platform,
and making sure no child is left without funtivities!

Goh Wai Fu

Project and Stakeholder Liaison

Martin Fung

Learning Designer and Early Childhood Specialist

Xie Xueling

SpED Educator and Curriculum Specialist

We're on a

to empower every child through adaptable,
transformative, inclusive, and fun learning
experiences. At Tiggie Kids, our team is
dedicated to making education a joyful, stress-
free journey, and making a lasting impact on
the lives of diverse needs children and their

We enivision
a future

where education transcends boundaries,
fostering a world where neurodiverse children
not only succeed but excel. By providing the
necessary tools for the development of the
children’s personal skills—both in and out of the
classroom—we can create a more inclusive and
understanding society.

Start your Tiggie Kids journey today, and
let the funtivities begin!

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